How to maintain the mattress?

1. The newly purchased mattress may have a new odor due to long-term sealed packaging. As long as the indoor air circulation is maintained or placed in a ventilated and cool place for 72 hours, the odor will be significantly reduced.

2, flat on a smooth, breathable bed surface, so that the mattress uniform support and ventilation.

3. When using, avoid local stress on the pad surface, so as not to cause local depression and deformation of the mattress to affect the service life.

4, should be used to avoid acute angle instruments or knives and other scratched fabrics.

5, the use should be kept dry, to avoid liquid leakage, high temperature ironing or fire damage pad surface.

6. When using, it is recommended to put on a mattress cover or a good quality sheet to avoid soiling the surface of the mattress.