1. We have a variety of contact tools, and the customer service of the company can communicate with customers online and offline at any time. Answer customer's questions or faults as soon as possible.
2. The company will follow up with the requirements of the ISO9000 management system, regularly track and return visits to the products and equipment that have been sold, collect customer opinions and suggestions on the products, and improve the quality of our work.
3. We provide one-year free maintenance and lifetime maintenance for all the equipment sold. The customer response time is within 2 hours, to provide professional advice or guidance to the customer.
4. Our service engineers will often keep in touch with customers to understand the production of products, answer questions, and make relevant records.
5. Provide all kinds of consumable materials and repair parts in time.
6. If there is any problem with the product, please contact our company at any time, and the service engineer will give an answer as soon as possible.
Shenzhen V-STAR Industry & Trade Co.,LTD Shenzhen V-STAR Industry & Trade Co.,LTD
Service Hotline : Mr.Li
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