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Shenzhen V-STAR Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. It is a technology enterprise integrating product development, design, processing and trade. The company is a qualified agent authorized by the German LAUFFER company to sell the LAUFFER laminating system in mainland China; the company is based on the principles of quality first, customer first, service first; to provide customers in mainland China with high-quality and cheap products and after-sales service.


The company's products mainly cover the following areas:
1. PCB, packaging substrate manufacturing field;
2. CCL, synthetic materials manufacturing field;
3. High frequency, 5G, communication materials manufacturing field.
The company also provides agents related to high-frequency materials, photosensitive adhesives, release films, three-dimensional, screen printing machines and other related materials, equipment, welcome new and old customers to inquire!
Shenzhen V-STAR Industry & Trade Co.,LTD Shenzhen V-STAR Industry & Trade Co.,LTD
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