Current status of PCB industry: resumption of work is not easy, payment is difficult to collect

Current status of PCB industry: resumption of work is not easy, payment is difficult to collect

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  • Time of issue:2020-02-24 14:43

Current status of PCB industry: resumption of work is not easy, payment is difficult to collect

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  • Origin:Semiconductor Investment Alliance
  • Time of issue:2020-02-24 14:43
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Source: Semiconductor Investment Alliance
According to Weibo News, it has been 25 days since the closure of Wuhan, and the adverse effects of the epidemic have spread to all walks of life across the country. At the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control, nationwide resumption of production and production has also become an urgent task.
"It has resumed work on February 10, but the recovery rate is still very low. In addition to logistics control, orders cannot be delivered, and the company is under great pressure." A PCB company person told reporters at Jiwei.com. The chain reaction caused by the current epidemic situation has gradually emerged. As the most basic PCB industry in the electronics industry, it is particularly difficult to resume production and production, order delivery, and payment recovery.
It is not easy to resume work, it is more difficult to resume production
Industry insiders believe that the epidemic is difficult to end in the short term, but enterprises must make plans to fight against the epidemic and resume work. The next step is whether the enterprise is on track or resisting the cold winter, which is closely related to the current situation of resumption of production and epidemic prevention and control.
February 10 is the first day of resumption of work in many places across the country. PCB companies in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Jiangxi Region, North China and other regions have officially resumed work on the 10th, including Shennan Circuit, Jingwang Electronics, Chongda Technology, Zhongjing Electronics, Over 70 manufacturers such as Shenghong Technology and Dongshan Precision have gradually resumed work.
Among them, some PCB manufacturers such as Shennan Circuit and Shenghong Technology still have more orders in production during the Spring Festival, and due to the impact of the epidemic, the company encourages employees to stay behind and avoid many uncertainties. It provides for the restoration of production and the resumption of work after the year. Protection.
In addition, most PCB manufacturers gradually resume work after the year, after completing the relevant application approval, do a good job in the preparation of anti-epidemic materials, and organize production on the premise of ensuring the health of employees. In contrast, the Huangshi subsidiary of Shanghai Electric Power, which normally operated during the Spring Festival, was forced to suspend production due to the epidemic.
Coincidentally, JiWei has learned that some PCB manufacturers have been reported to have resumed work. "Some PCB factories have undergone multiple approvals and then started the resumption of production plan, and the nearby people are not clear about the factory's prevention and control situation, and then reported the factory that has been reinstated, resulting in the factory having to stop construction for a short period of time to review and reassess.
It is not easy to resume work, but it is even more difficult to resume production. "Our company resumed work on the 10th, but the resumption rate is still relatively low. The factory is in Suzhou and the management is very strict. Some employees are still at home in isolation." A well-known domestic HDI manufacturer said.
Admittedly, with the deployment of national policies, most enterprises have entered the resumption stage, but the cloud office model is still the majority, and the overall resumption rate is insufficient, which still has a substantial impact on the enterprise.
It is gratifying that PCB, as one of the core components of infrared temperature detection and related medical equipment, is in the shortage of various epidemic prevention materials such as thermometers and ventilators. Bomin Electronics, Innolux, Jin Baize and other enterprises that responded quickly to the epidemic situation and took the lead in resuming work have expedited the delivery of various types of PCB medical circuit boards to fully cooperate with the production of "epidemic" materials.
The order cannot be handed over and the payment cannot be received
It is well known in the industry that PCB, as the carrier for all electronic components, is a matter of resumption. According to Jiwei.com, most of the PCB factories that have resumed work now use partitioned work. Basically, they can only use single-board production. The factory shipped out and the order backlog is relatively large.
According to industry insiders, generally speaking, the product line of Q1-Q2 will be planned for Q4 last year, and the impact of this epidemic will directly lead to the delivery of orders for Q1 and Q2 products of this year. Coupled with the delayed resumption of work by upstream raw material suppliers, it is expected that this year's delivery delay may even reach more than a month.
Now, this prediction is already becoming a reality. According to several PCB manufacturers disclosed to Jiwei.com, many orders have been completed during the Spring Festival, but due to logistics control, the orders cannot be delivered, which means that the payment is delayed, the capital turnover is occupied, and the company faces the risk of capital chain breakage. Also multiplied.
"At present, the biggest problem caused by the epidemic is that many customers are delaying payment due due to the epidemic. For many small and medium manufacturers, it is undoubtedly worse." A well-known PCBA manufacturer said.
"There are not many employees in our company, about 20 people, but the monthly hard cost is as high as more than 400,000 yuan. In the face of this epidemic, the big crisis of the industrial chain is interlocked with the crisis of each individual, and everyone is victimized. By."
On the one hand, there are orders that cannot be handed over and irrecoverable payments, and on the other hand, hard costs such as salary, social security, and property management fees. It has to be said that most of the current manufacturers are in a dilemma.
It is worth noting that Jiwei reported before that under the influence of industrial transfer, environmental protection and high pressure, the reshuffle of the PCB industry has been in progress. At the end of last year, when some PCB manufacturers went bankrupt, orders from first-tier PCB manufacturers were queued up until April this year. The polarized development pattern is the rule of survival of the fittest in the market.
A sudden epidemic completely disrupted the original market rhythm of the PCB industry. The delivery of orders from large manufacturers may be delayed, and the reshuffle crisis faced by small factories is even more pressing. It is not known how many PCB manufacturers can survive this cold winter, but it is expected that more PCB manufacturers can support it. After the epidemic, everything is going well. (Proofreading / GY)
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