LAUFFER hot press


LAUFFER hot press
LAUFFER hot press
LAUFFER hot press
Product use: For high frequency materials, 5G \ 4G communication materials, high temperature composite materials, IC packaging substrates and special materials
The LAUFFER hot pressing system is known for its advanced modular design. Customers can design and formulate according to production technology needs, and also allow immediate expansion in the future according to changes in market demand.
LAUFFER high frequency material press features:
The frame body of the LAUFFER high-frequency material lamination system uses the pressure-resistant design of the tear-proof structure and the use of German high-strength steel plates, so that the press will not be deformed when it is operated at 400 ℃ high temperature, and the German fine grinding process guarantees flatness and The parallelism can reach a high accuracy of ± 0.015mm / m. The high-density gun-hole drum design of the heating plate makes the temperature accuracy within ± 1.5 ℃ (400 ℃ laminating system can be controlled within ± 2 ℃).
LAUFFER high frequency material press software:
1. Graphical display of all system construction.
2. Standardized operation management report.
3. In the standard program, you can track the current position of the operation item number.
4. Each part of the operation in the lamination can be selected in the computer for automatic operation or manual operation.
LAUFFER high frequency material press program record:
1. All manufacturing processes and warning points are graphical messages.
2. During the pressing process, automatically create a data file to store all important settings and actual values, used programs, create unused programs and other important information, these information will be automatically stored in the hard disk and can be set The storage period is automatically cleared after this period. In other connected servers, files and other important data are automatically copied. When a warning signal occurs, they are saved as files in the hard disk.
LAUFFER high frequency material press system information:
1. Each group of hot presses has an independent PLC module, which can be easily expanded.
2. A single press is very convenient to expand and join the original system.
3. Microsoft windows operating system
4. The modem can be integrated into the main control computer and program controller from the original factory for remote maintenance operations.
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