PTFE high frequency material press


PTFE high frequency material press
PTFE high frequency material press
PTFE high frequency material press
LAUFFER high frequency material press features: The frame body of the LAUFFER high-frequency material lamination system uses the pressure-resistant design of the tear-proof structure and the use of German high-strength steel plates, so that the press will not be deformed when it is operated at 400 ℃ high temperature, and the German fine grinding process guarantees flatness and The parallelism can reach a high accuracy of ± 0.015mm / m. The high-density gun-hole drum design of the heating plate makes the temperature accuracy within ± 1.5 ℃ (400 ℃ laminating system can be controlled within ± 2 ℃).
德国LAUFFER(拉法) PTFE(聚四氟乙烯)、Ceramic(陶瓷)高频材料层压机
LAUFFER can meet the needs of customers for various lamination systems, and provides a single machine to the most advanced (including peripheral facilities) automated lamination system. With the upgrading of high-frequency printed circuit boards and communication products for high-frequency materials (PTFE, Ceramic), customers' requirements for lamination systems have become higher, more precise, and more stable; LAUFFER is committed to providing customers with The laminating system has: high performance, high reliability, high precision; and provides customers with a full range of technology and after-sales support. We provide professional high-quality services in technical consulting, planning, manufacturing and after-sales, and provide the best modern and most competitive lamination system.
LAUFFER laminating system is well-known for its advanced modular design. Customers can design and formulate according to production technology needs, and also allow immediate expansion according to changes in market demand in the future.
Domestic customers who have recently purchased LAFFER high-frequency material lamination systems include Huazheng New Materials, Shengyi Technology, and South Asia.
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