Lauffer smart card laminating machine

Lauffer card laminating equipment conforms to various cards: smart card, ID card, IC card, ID card, etc., providing customized solutions for customers' card production. All standard card materials such as ABS,PVC,PC,PET,PS,PE,PP and material blends can be produced using Lauffer lamination technology. The precise control of the variables temperature, pressure, vacuum and time in the key process ensures the production quality.
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Germany lauffer composite high temperature press

Germany lauffer composite materials high temperature press application fields: aviation materials and automobile manufacturing, etc.; suitable for various composite materials, carbon fiber and other materials pressure molding.
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Special hot press for synthetic materials

Germany LAUFFER synthetic materials special hot press for composite materials (fiber, carbon fiber, GRP/ CRP combination, etc.), aviation materials, automotive manufacturing and medical technology and other fields of application.
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