Laminating machine for scientific research laboratory

It is suitable for the development of various new materials: composite materials, carbon fiber, glass fiber, ceramics, polymer materials, powder metal, printed circuit board, rubber, silicone resin, etc. It is mainly used in university laboratories, scientific research units and factory laboratories to evaluate and develop products and customer projects, as well as to test the quality of various material samples.
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Laboratory hot press

The laboratory hot press produced by German LAUFFER meets the process requirements of customer laboratories for high-temperature compression testing of various materials. It is mainly used for hot pressing of aerospace materials, PCB, 5G communication high-frequency materials, marine new materials, polymer materials, automotive materials, new materials for high-speed rail cars, etc.
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German LAUFFER laboratory small press

Product use: to provide tailor-made solutions, suitable for sample testing and small batch production. It is used in printed circuit boards (PCB), copper clad laminates, substrates and laminated busbars, etc. It can also be used to plastic press various document cards. It can also be used in the fields of composite materials, low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC) and ceramics.
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