Vacuum laminator
Vacuum laminator
Vacuum laminator
Product use: 1.5G high frequency material 2. Composite material 3. Low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) and ceramic 4. Copper foil resin fiber board 5. PCB
RMV series lamination system is composed of multiple freely placed subsystems, including hydraulic power system, heat medium oil temperature control system, heating, cooling system, and electronic control unit. The layout can be freely arranged according to the needs of the site and the production lines can be rationally arranged. Optional accessories such as feeding car, automatic feeding and unloading device and temporary storage system, etc., can effectively cooperate with the material rack transmission system to realize automatic operation.
The heating system uses thermal oil with different labels to meet different temperature requirements. The computer-aided design and simulation of the heating plate structure combined with the highly sensitive proportional-integral temperature control system can enable the system to obtain more precise temperature control and improve the temperature uniformity in different areas of the hot plate.
Advanced visual operating system, which can be stored based on date operation, production and related information can be directly stored in the system and effectively realize the hierarchical management of programs integrated in the high-end programmable controller (PLC), making system maintenance easier Efficient.
All relevant process parameters of the press, such as temperature, pressure and lamination cycle time, can be set independently to meet the setting of temperature curves and pressure curves of different products and run continuously.
Press specifications (can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements)

Press total pressure

350 tons

Cylinder diameter

φ990 mm

Number of openings


Machine specifications

Three hot and one cold

Hot plate size

1068mm x 1650mm x 60(T)mm

Effective area

1000mm x 1600mm

way to heat up

Heat medium oil electric heating
(adjustable when the temperature is greater than 400 ℃)

Maximum working temperature

400 °C

Closing spee

~10 mm/s

High pressure speed

~0.7 mm/s

Temperature a


Pressure accuracy

+/- 1 bar

Vacuum system

≤ 10 mbar

Six-layer feeding car

Storage rack, discharge rack and conveyor


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